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The purpose of the proposed marriage referendum is to redefine marriage so that it would no longer mean the unique ‘mother-father-child’ relationship (marriage was actually the word used to describe this relationship with its particular and unique characteristics) and instead would mean only a committed sexual relationship between two adults. 

Connect Father to ChildIf referendum passes, there will only be one way of looking at ‘marriage’ and that is a way that radically redefines the very essence of marriage as it has been understood from the earliest times: it will no longer be the word we use to refer to that ‘mother father with a unique connection to having and bringing up children’ relationship that has universally been recognised as immensely valuable, even essential to society. In fact that relationship would no longer exist anywhere in Irish law – it doesn’t exist in the law of any country that has redefined marriage in this way.  This is what the referendum is about – this is the change we’re being asked to decide on.



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