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One of the things I find most attractive about the Catholic faith is its ‘reasonableness’ – it makes sense. When the blueprint it offers is genuinely followed, it does indeed bring us to be the best we can be – as individuals and as a society. So I get really frustrated when Catholic principles are presented in the media as a set of almost arbitrary rules and regulation that don’t make any sense unless you’ve been brain-washed and certainly don’t connect with the real world. (Hence this blog – it’s a kind of therapy really!)

I’m the first to accuse media of bias and of not giving Catholic speakers a fair run – so credit where credit is due: Pat Kenny has just hosted a very cordial interview with Professor Robert George of Princeton University. Professor George outlined a rational and well thought out rationale for why he is not in favour of embryonic stem cell research; he also argues that the same-sex marriage debate should properly be seen as a debate on sexual morality and not on basic rights. Again he argues his case in a way that makes sense and recognises real world problems.

If we really believe that there is only one Truth – then what we believe should ‘work’ in the real world. There should be no mismatch between what we believe and our real experience as people living here and now in this society. (Challenge, yes – but not a disconnect)

If there appears to a mismatch then maybe we need to see if we really understand our faith – or the argument against it. If you can’t get to the Davenport Hotel in Dublin this evening to hear Professor George, have a listen to his interview with Pat.

(If you’re reading this before 12 noon on Fri 5th March, today’s programme won’t be up yet. If you’re reading more than a week from 5th Mar, the programme is likely to be gone – so don’t delay 😀 )


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