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Oh well done to the liberal French – they’ve saved Muslim women from being forced by their oppressive menfolk/religion to wear the burka.

Now they’re forced NOT to wear them, by the State.

That’ll work!

• I hate the idea of women feeling they need to cover up to this extreme – rarely feeling the wind against their face and seeing the world through a gauze. But the fable of the Sun and the Wind comes to mind! You won’t cure oppression with oppression and I predict that France will learn this the hard way.


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I’ve been rattling on about the Church and Communications since I started this blog – I’ve just noticed the Communication tag has the highest number of posts attached.  My point has been that the Church owes it to her people – and in fact to everyone – to honestly and clearly present the truth.  It is obvious that this has been a huge weakness in the Irish Church over decades – and to be honest I don’t think it’s much better now.

Yes – step up to the plate about the disaster of the way clerical abuse was dealt with – no excuses or attempts to avoid the full responsiblity, no return to past practises of sweeping terrible crimes under the carpet for years.  But also, step up to the plate about what the Church DOES have to offer, what it IS doing now to rectify the past, what is central message still IS! What purpose does it serve to allow a wrong impression about how the Church is now dealing with child safeguarding to go unchallenged across the media? Is this truth or justice? What purpose does it serve for the Church to continue, but in a different way, to allow the truth to be hidden?

Andrew O'Connell makes A LOT of sense!

I won’t go on – because what I’ve been trying to say has been said most effectively by Andrew O’Connell in this weeks Irish Catholic.  And his outline of  a Church communications “rapid response unit” is exactly what is needed. Please do read his article – and then talk to other people about it – especially if you’re friendly with any bishops…

Church needs a rapid response unit – Andrew O’Connell

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