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Just heard that Fr Kieran O’Reilly has been appointed as new bishop of Killaloe, replacing Bishop Willie Walsh. So of course I googled him – and I like what I see.  A missionary bishop – that sounds like exactly what Ireland might just need at the moment.

In fact the the list of skills he has sounds like a wish list you might write for a new bishop here. He has pastoral experience in various parts of Africa, has done academic studies in Sacred Scripture but has particular interest too in justice issues.  Very importantly, he has great leadership experience, having been twice elected Superior General of the Society of African Missions (SMA).  He’s also quite young, and having been out of Ireland for much of his ministry, will be able to bring much need fresh perspectives.  I like what he has to say about need for on-going theological training for priests and for others trying to bring the faith into the world. Here’s an example from the 2008 Synod of Bishops on the theme “The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church”: Fr Kieran O’Carroll on Sacred Scripture in the Church.

But the thing I like most is that he is a missionary. That’s what we need here.


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I will be commenting in more detail on the quite long talk given by Archbishop Martin last night. He covered a lot of issues and made some really excellent points that are rarely made. I’m making this short post now to strongly urge you to read the full talk – there is a lot more to what he said than the short and dramatic sounding extracts we’ve been hearing today.

Here’s the link: THE FUTURE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN IRELAND- Speaking Notes of Most Rev. Diarmuid Martin, 10th May 2010

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Gerry presents The Late Late Show (from RTE.ie)

I didn’t listen to Gerry Ryan very much – too often the views he expressed – with characteristic gusto – were views I disagree with – with equal gusto.  It’s not that I have a problem with people having views I don’t agree with (so you can all give a big sigh of relief 😀 ) but I find it frustrating when I have to listen for long periods to people – well I have to say it – pontificating if there isn’t any opportunity for those views to be argued, questioned, challenged.

Gerry was good at pontificating and he rarely had anyone on his show who was capable of arguing the toss. To be fair to him, there aren’t that many people out there any more who are BOTH willing AND able to capably argue the toss when it comes to matters of belief.   And so, Gerry in his time had quite a bit of influence in shaping the way his listeners thought about lots of things.  I heard one of his friends saying that Gerry had his finger on the pulse and could often detect the way public reaction would go: certainly he was good at that, but I feel that some of the reason for that was that he was that he was one of the opinion formers, one of those who shaped public reaction.


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